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Russian Federation Sitrep, 10 August, 2017

THE SANCTIONS. The pomposity is thick: NordStream 2 (257.a.9) is privately targeted; repairs to NASA (237) is delicately voided. (NASA needs a Russians to get to a ISS and to launch things but European allies can solidify in a dark. Take that, Europeans, it’s for your possess good! “You can’t… ask for a bigger U.S. troops commitment… while… conflict nonmilitary coercive measures“).

The outcome of anti-Russia sanctions given 2014 is that Europe has approaching suffered more than Russia and positively some-more than a USA; Russia has used a sanctions (and a opposite sanctions) to boost domestic prolongation (see below) given Europe has usually mislaid markets. Well, we’ll find out either Europe has a feet to mount on that Merkel thinks it has.

Russia has many ways to respond and, as Jeffrey Carr has forked out, Congress has shown it where to strike hardest. Another thing to find out is either Moscow decides it’s had adequate – as Medvedev suggests – and that it’s time to make a “partner” hurt. (Some responses: no some-more rocket engines, no overflights, no supply line to Afghanistan, no US NGOs, no Russian investments in USA, no usurpation US dollars in trade. But Putin Co will substantially come adult with something cleverer than anything we can consider of).

They will be a drag on Washington’s unfamiliar process for decades: “never recognize” Crimea in Russia (257.a.3)? well, they’re going to have to some time. I am collecting disastrous reactions on my site. They’re another step on a downward arena of a USA: they will expostulate a crowd between Europe and a USA; pull Russia closer to China; might even lead to a truce between Europe and Russia. But myopic outbursts are to be approaching in a final days we suppose: Congress’ fight with Trump displays a disrespectful insusceptibility to a allies’ interests. (Mercouris argues that Trump’s signing matter hints during a Supreme Court challenge: unequivocally trustworthy given that there is zero to a Russia collusion story – even the WaPo seems to be subsidy off – and that Trump will be means to designate some-more SC judges.)

SANCTIONS EFFECT. Russian statistics tell us that a share of imports in a sell zone is 36%, a lowest given a 2008 crash. Food imports are down to 24% from 34% in 2014. The commission of imports in several categories: cereals 0.2%; sausages 1.6%; flour 1.8%; ornithology 4.1%; pig 8.3%. Gessen will be blissful that cheese imports are 27.7%, though unhappy that they’re down from 48.4%. Sanctions work: usually not a approach a US Congress thinks they do. Altogether, it’s substantially satisfactory to contend that Russia is now self-sufficient in food. And prolongation is usually going to turn bigger: a intensity of Russian cultivation has never been tapped; serfdom, a encampment mir and collectivisation were not unequivocally productive.

CORRUPTION. The trial of the former Minister of Economic Development has begun. He was held red-handed holding a cheat they say. we trust he is a top ranking central nonetheless to be charged: some – Luzhkov and Serdyukov spring to mind – have been indicted of things and been fired, though no charges laid. We are told that 45,000 people have been convicted of crime crimes over a final 3 and a half years and about 350 officials have been dismissed this year and a same final year.

VILLAGE LIFE. Someone who mostly lives in a Russian countryside blasts another NYT-Russia-is-an-unchanging-nightmare piece. Agreement from an American happily vital in a village.

PHOTO OP. Putin and Shoygu, alone though for photographers, go fishing in Tyva; they forget to container shirts. Western media goes nuts. (DMail) (USA Today) (Daily B) (AP) (Fox) (Time) (Sky) (WaPo) (TorSun) ( 24) (Telegraph) (You demeanour for a rest). Maybe he unequivocally is “the many absolute male in a world“. Bare-chested Trudeau and Obama are ever so dreamy, though bare-chested Putin isn’t: CrazyLand is bigger than we imagined. (Do we consider Putin is messing with their minds?)

THE THREAT. Pew has an general consult out seeking about heading confidence threats. The following NATO members name US energy as a larger hazard than Russian or Chinese: Canada, Germany, Greece, Spain and Turkey. USA is named initial by 19 countries, China by 9, Russia by 7. This is a competition that a US has won each time out of a gateAnd rising. Interesting, eh? And after all that propaganda, too. NATO StratCom needs some-more money!

UKRAINE. The disaster continues. In 2001 a race was 48.5 million. Latest central guess is 42.5. Examination of several expenditure statistics advise that this guess is too high. About 2.5 million are in Russia and another 1.5 million in Poland. At some point, for a nation assembled out of pieces and pieces of other states, depopulation will turn geopolitically significant.

Source: Russia Observer

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