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China ramps up World War 3 fears as new alliance with Russia has ‘no limit’

  • October 25, 2020

He said this week: “Our primary competitors – China and Russia – are rapidly modernising their armed forces, and using their growing strength to ignore International law, violate the sovereignty of smaller states, and shift the balance of power in their favour.”

As tensions between the three nations intensifies, both Mr Putin and Mr Lijian suggested the two countries could jointly tackle challenges set by the US.

Mr Putin said: “The intention and statement of our American partners about the possibility of deploying medium and shorter-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region, of course, cannot but alert use, and, without any doubt, we will have to do something in response.”

Mr Lijing added: “Our relationship has withstood the test of the changing International landscape and set a fine example of developing a new type of relations between major countries.

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