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Russia and China set to ramp up small-scale LNG – News for the Oil and Gas Sector

  • May 04, 2021

Russia and China will lead global small-scale liquefaction natural gas (LNG) capacity additions by 2025, according to a report by GlobalData.

The report “Global Small-Scale LNG Liquefaction Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook, 2021–2025 – Russia and China Lead Global Capacity Additions” signals that global small-scale LNG liquefaction capacity is expected to expand by 30% over the next four years increasing from 33,900 thousand tonnes per annum (ktpa) in 2021 to 43,920 ktpa in 2025

Among regions, the Former Soviet Union is expected to see the highest small-scale LNG liquefaction capacity additions globally from new build and expansion projects during the outlook period 2021 to 2025 with 2,940 ktpa. Asia closely trails with 2,820 ktpa, followed by North America with 2,480 ktpa.

Among countries, Russia, China, and Oman would be the top three countries globally for new build and expansion small-scale liquefaction capacity additions by 2025. Russia is expected to add 2,940 ktpa of new build and expansion small-scale liquefaction capacity additions, while China and Oman are expected to add 2,810 ktpa and 2,000 ktpa, respectively.

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