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Russia criticizes ‘Summit for Democracy’

  • December 02, 2021

Russia has sharply criticized the upcoming “Summit for Democracy,” organized by the United States.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the meeting scheduled to be held online next Thursday and Friday.

US President Joe Biden is inviting the leaders of 110 countries and territories, including Japan and European nations. China and Russia, which the US classifies as autocracies, have not been invited.

The statement says the organizers of the summit claim to lead the world in advancing the cause of democracy and human rights, but their track record and reputation are far from ideal.

The statement also says, “The evidence suggests that the United States and its allies cannot and should not claim the status of a ‘beacon’ of democracy, since they themselves have chronic problems with freedom of speech, election administration, corruption and human rights.”

Citing the US policies on Afghanistan and other countries, the statement says “military adventures with the aim of forced democratisation ended in bloody wars and national tragedies.”

The statement says Russia will closely follow the “summit for democracy.”

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