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Russia Declares Independent VTimes News Site a ‘Foreign Agent’

  • May 15, 2021

“On May 14, 2021, the Stichting 2 Oktober legal entity registered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which is the administrator of the internet resource, was included in the registry of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent,” the Russian Justice Ministry announced in a statement.

Stichting 2 Oktober is a Dutch nonprofit that supports independent journalism in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Derk Sauer, the founder of The Moscow Times, serves as the foundation’s director. Sauer is neither an investor nor a manager to VTimes.

Under Russian law, any individual or group receiving funding of any amount from abroad can be designated a “foreign agent.”

Labeled individuals and groups are required to report their activities and finances in rigorous audits and face steep fines for violations. Other media outlets are also required to clearly label the designated entities as “foreign agents” and face fines if they don’t. 

VTimes’ designation comes less than a month after Meduza, Russia’s leading independent news website that is based in Latvia, was also labeled a “foreign agent.” Meduza has vowed to challenge the label in court and has launched a crowdfunding campaign in a bid to survive an exodus of advertisers.

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