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Russia-US Contacts Necessary: Kremlin

  • October 13, 2021

“The Foreign Ministry should comment on the productivity of these talks. The Foreign Ministry is precisely the receiving side, however, of course, we are confident that such contacts are timely and necessary. It is important to talk,” he said, TASS reported.

The Kremlin official added that it won’t be possible to swiftly reach any breakthrough agreements between Moscow and Washington. “One shouldn’t complain that some breakthrough agreements are not reached at once, this is not possible. The archives of our bilateral relations are too vast, it is not possible to sort them out immediately, yet, undoubtedly, such contacts are needed,” he pointed out.

The spokesman noted that these contacts were the continuation and development of the June 16 Geneva summit of Russia and the US. “Naturally, these are not the first contacts, you know, that there have already been several rounds on strategic stability issues and arms control, there were consultations on cybersecurity issues,” he pointed out.

According to the Kremlin official, “everything is developing quite well if one compares it to the period before Geneva.”

He added that “(Then) the contacts as such were simply absent, this is a positive development in our bilateral relations.”  

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