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Russian Fishery, Agama to sell Murmansk haddock, cod plants

  • August 12, 2020

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) and Agama Group have sold their co-owned, Murmansk-based processing plant Russian Cod to nearby Murman Seafood, the former told Undercurrent News.

A spokesperson for RFC said the terms of the deal were not being disclosed, and would not comment on the situation regarding staff and management making the switch along with the plant.

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They also revealed a specialized haddock plant — Russian Haddock, also a joint venture with Agama — would be sold, though no deal or buyer has yet been arranged.

The factory that has already been sold, named Russian Cod, began operating around the beginning of September 2019, while RFC and Agama began marketing cod products under the combined brand “Agama-Nordeco” before that.

Russian Cod has a processing capacity of over 50 metric tons per day. It was constructed initially as part of the government’s investment quota program, which saw RFC commence building on 10 vessels and three plants.

It is building a cod and haddock processing plant with a design capacity of at least 25t of product per day, also in Murmansk, while it has also teamed up with Agama again to build Russian Haddock, which is slated to be completed this fall.

Murman Seafood did not respond to a request for comment.

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