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Sajdik: Russia is party to conflict in Donbas

  • October 29, 2020

Former Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office in Ukraine and in the Trilateral Contact Group, Ambassador Martin Sajdik made a corresponding statement in an interview with Ukrinform.

“Russia, Ukraine, and the OSCE are members of the Trilateral Contact Group. This group was set up to find a solution to the Donbas conflict through the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Obviously, the OSCE is not a party to the conflict, it’s only a mediator. Then it’s easy to answer a question about the parties to the conflict,” Sajdik said, commenting on the allegations of the Russian authorities that they are not a party to the conflict in Donbas.

The diplomat also stated that the conflict in Donbas “is not justified by anything.”

“I think I know the USSR and the post-Soviet space well since my one-year student internship in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. In general, this ‘acquaintance’ has been lasting for 48 years. That’s why I continue to ask myself in the light of the conflict in Donbas: “Why and what for?” It is my deep conviction that this conflict is not justified by anything. It only brings great suffering to many millions of innocent civilians. Who can really benefit from this? “Sajdik noted.

The Austrian diplomat added that the position of Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office in Ukraine and in the TCG was the most difficult in his career. As Sajdik noted, he believed that he would be able to contribute to the settlement of the conflict in Donbas.

“Unfortunately, despite my sincere desire, I did not achieve my goal, but I still managed to contribute to the protection of civilians on both sides of the contact line – yes, the number of conflict-related deaths decreased significantly during my tenure. For example, not a single child died in 2019,” Sajdik concluded.


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