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Unable to send files via WeTransfer? ISP might have blocked it on DoT order

  • June 02, 2020

WeTransfer seems to have been blocked by some internet service providers (ISPs) in India. This came after the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), in an order on May 18, directed all licence holders or internet service providers to block the website in the ‘interest of national security or public interest’. Interestingly, the DoT letter does not specify a reason for blocking the website.

The popular file sharing platform in a blog post said, “At this moment in time, WeTransfer seems to be blocked and unavailable in India. We are working hard to understand the reasoning behind this block, as well as how to get it reverted as soon as possible.”

The block, however, seems to have affected only limited batch of users. On June 2, the service worked fine to transfer a 1GB file and its recipient was able to download the file, too. It seems that not all ISPs are affected by the block and there is a partial ban on the services of the file sharing platform.

WeTransfer took on Twitter to let users know that the issue persists and the company is investigating it. However, it also clarifies that removing such blocks is out of company’s control. It also suggests using virtual private network services to access the platform to send files.

Founded in 2009 in the Netherlands, WeTransfer allows users to upload and share file of up to 2GB for free at one time. Paying users can share files of up to 20 GB per transfer.

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