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A Large Coffee and a Marriage Proposal to Go

  • August 14, 2020

When July 5, 2020

Where Englewood, N.J.

Alfresco After the ceremony, guests helped themselves to iced drinks from beverage stations dotting the yard. Later, they found their way to numbered, skirted tables, where they dined on mango salmon with roasted sweet potatoes; for dessert, chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate chip cookies were served.

Hula Dance A three-piece band, Blue Melody, played during the wedding and reception. Guests danced in hula hoops to maintain social distance. Though Drs. Schaap and Heisler took ballroom dancing lessons in Manhattan a few years ago, they skipped a first dance. “Our dancing skills have since vanished,” Dr. Schaap said.

Working Together Drs. Heisler and Schaap finished their residencies in June. Dr. Schaap will continue working as chief resident at Weill Cornell. This month, Dr. Heisler started working at Cornell, too. After the wedding, he moved into Dr. Schaap’s Manhattan apartment.

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