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A Match Made in Group Meditation

  • October 16, 2021

“I called him the very next day,” said Ms. Bloch, who is originally from Bucks County, Pa., “and I asked him out.”

Mr. Jeydel was on a business trip in Los Angeles, but told Ms. Bloch that he would get together one day the following week, when he returned.

“I was thrilled to hear her voice again,” said Mr. Jeydel, who eventually met Ms. Bloch for dinner at a Brooklyn restaurant, where they hit it off, each exchanging fascinating nuggets about their families.

Mr. Jeydel told Ms. Bloch that his great-grandfather was Maurice Bloch, the minority leader of the New York State Assembly from 1922-1929 and a manager of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s successful campaign for New York governor in 1928.

When Ms. Bloch revealed that all four of her grandparents were Holocaust survivors, Mr. Jeydel, a seventh-generation New Yorker, made a realization: “That meant that it was highly unlikely that Danielle and I were related,” he said.

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