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A Professional Relationship Shifts With a Personal Question

  • December 04, 2020

That month, Ms. Russell was living in New York and commuting to her job as chief legal officer at the Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bank when she went to the bank’s compliance office to state for the record that she was in a relationship with Mr. Mayopoulos.

As a result, Ms. Russell was terminated and her story was in newspapers around the country, including The Wall Street Journal and The Charlotte Observer.

“I was utterly shocked and confused,” Ms. Russell said. “I was in a relationship with someone else at another company. There was nothing inappropriate in any regard, and absolutely no reason for the termination.” She did not fight the termination and, though she no longer had that job, she did have Mr. Mayopoulos. (He had also reported his relationship with Ms. Russell to Fannie Mae’s compliance department. He was not fired from his job, and departed the company two years later for Blend.)

The couple got engaged over dinner in November 2019 at a restaurant in Lower Manhattan.

“We have so many things in common, including a taste in obscure music,” Mr. Mayopoulos said.

One of their favorite songs is by the indie band, the Damnwells called, “I Will Keep the Bad Things from You.”

“It’s a song about lovers keeping their hearts safe from the world,” Mr. Mayopoulos said.

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