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Always on Each Other’s Mind

  • September 15, 2020

When Dr. Caitlin Nicholson and Emily Reeves were introduced in 2011 at Dartmouth College, there was, Dr. Nicholson will assure you, a sorority house basement and a variety of the pong drinking games that involved beer. The venue was customary for both of them, as they were students at the college in Hanover, N.H.

And they met, for what it’s worth, but there was little more to it than an introduction.

In 2015, after Dr. Nicholson (left), now 29, had graduated from Dartmouth, and Ms. Reeves, now 27, was about to graduate from the school, the two were introduced again. Dr. Nicholson was by then a medical student at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, and Ms. Reeves was completing her senior year at Dartmouth.

Ms. Reeves had heard much in the way of lore about Dr. Nicholson, as the two had belonged to the same sorority, Epsilon Kappa Theta. (Ms. Reeves joined after Dr. Nicholson had graduated.) Though she had graduated, Dr. Nicholson had returned to her alma mater to attend a sorority late-night wine-and-cheese party.

“When she came to visit, I recognized her immediately and gave her a big hug,” Ms. Reeves said. “She’s really pretty, holds herself really well, obviously is super smart and very fun and is just charismatic.”

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