Are You Home Alone? We Are Too

We spend a lot of our days chatting with each other about things we see online, trying to make sense of it all. As everyone copes with the new coronavirus crisis, many of us are facing drastic changes, including illness, job loss and abandoning the office to work entirely from home.

This week in the Styles newsletter, Wait …, Lindsey Underwood, a Styles editor; Taylor Lorenz, a Styles reporter; and Dodai Stewart, a deputy Metro editor, discuss what it’s like to live alone right now.

Dodai: Technically I’m not alone. I have a misanthropic antisocial Chihuahua.

Taylor: I am completely alone in a 400-square-foot box with some plants, and it’s beginning to really take a toll. I don’t even have a rooftop or fire escape to go on.

Lindsey: I’m sure to many people with kids or other family members to take care of, being alone sounds like a dream. My roommate skipped town weeks ago in favor of a country house, so I’ve been sprung into the new world of living by myself just for this occasion. It’s been a journey! Plus, I got sick.

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