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Can You Wear Floral on Your Buzz Cut?

  • January 27, 2021

Punk-inspired hairstyles weren’t always so well received. The stylist Kimberly Ibbotson, 27, who specializes in vivid color, recalls being bullied in her teenage years for her embrace of untraditional hues. Tolerance of alternative beauty practices like hair tattooing, Ms. Ibbotson said, is much higher now.

“I feel like a lot of people were hesitant to take risks because of what other people might think,” she said. But these days, vivid hair color is “universally accepted,” she said. “People today are so much more themselves.”

Attitudes toward men’s grooming have also shifted significantly, spawning a growing population of men who are interested in more androgynous or experimental styles, like hair tattooing.

“Barbers are getting into it because they see the potential in it not only as a creative outlet, but as a financial opportunity,” Ms. Ibbotson said.

Julius Arriola, who is known as Caesar and who collaborates with Ms. Ibbotson, is a barber who has capitalized on that potential. A hair tattooist and the owner of All Hail Studio, he draws inspiration from the early adopter Dennis Rodman, the former basketball star, and caters mostly to male clientele from the street wear and hip-hop worlds.

Mr. Arriola charges a flat rate of $1,000 for hair tattoos that will take more than four hours; some of his intricate artworks take up to eight hours to complete. (Mr. Arriola’s rate is more than double the industry standard of approximately $400 for a four-hour hair tattoo.)

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