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Christian Siriano and Tom Ford Have an Unexpected Mind-Meld

  • September 19, 2020

Christian Siriano, late of “Project Runway” (first as a contestant, then as chief mentor in the reinvented series), has never been one of New York Fashion Week’s star attractions. His clothes, which thumb their nose at irony in favor of the blandly glamorous, have always been a little too namby-pamby Hollywood for the Wes Anderson affinity set.

But this has been a fashion season like no other, so it is perhaps fitting that Mr. Siriano pulled off what may have been the coup of the week: the biggest, and most unabashedly dressed up, physical show that took place.

To do it, he lured about 80 of the still-here style set not only out of Manhattan but out of New York City entirely, and up to his house in Westport, Conn., for a socially distanced runway in a grassy swath of backyard, complete with lavender gin cocktails, personal picnic baskets and taffeta in full bloom.

Was everyone really so desperate for human connection and a live show that they’d travel 90 minutes out of state to see it? Was it literal escapism? Or was something else going on?

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