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Cuomo, Fauci, Birx: The New Influencers

  • April 08, 2020

Dr. Fauci, in his button-down collars (so unlike the president’s mansplaining spreads) and brown shoes, his neatly knotted tie and dark jackets, taps straight into the uniforms of academia, as distinct from Wall Street or Washington. He is the family doctor, the med school student, the dutiful brain still wearing the kind of clothes his mother once gave him because, frankly, they work and he has other things to think about.

Though Dr. Birx’s silk scarves may seem decorative, her mastery of an accessory often considered confusing (how do you fling it? how do you tie it?) telegraphs competence. While they are occasionally draped over one shoulder or wrapped around her shoulders, most often they are tied around her neck, making her resemble nothing so much as a Girl Scout leader, especially when combined with the shirtdresses in muted earth tones that seem to be her favored garment.

If you are lost, if you need guidance, they suggest, you can trust her to know what to do.

As for Governor Cuomo, his darks suits, white shirts and various ties, his polo shirts (in white and navy, though they have all but disappeared since the nipple brouhaha), all marked by either the highly visible insignia of New York State or its pin, share a certain frumpy traditionalism. The lapels are neither too thin nor too wide; the ties are evenly distributed among a rainbow of generic shades (blue, purple, yellow, red, pink); and the collars are folded neatly down.

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