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Drag Proms and Comfort Food With Truffles

  • November 22, 2020

What made you return?

Jasper is in school five days a week. He needs to live life. He isn’t super-anxious. But then, I think kids have handled this crisis probably better than we do as adults. We are so blown away that they will wear masks all day in school. Jasper doesn’t even have to be asked.

What about parenting has been most challenging?

You always feel you’re doing something wrong. There were days I would think that I wasn’t cautious enough. Other times, I thought I was being too cautious. You have to find a balance between scaring your kids and making sure that they are respectful of the situation. You don’t want them to worry, but you don’t want them making jokes or trivializing things.

You were chair of the Humane Society’s annual gala on Nov. 14. Did going virtual change its impact?

There were challenges, obviously. People like getting dressed up, socializing, having a glass of wine, raising their hands to bid. In previous years, the event would raise $3 million. This year it was $2 million. On the flip side, Audra McDonald entertained. That was worth tuning in for on a Saturday night. Another advantage: Online you may be paying more attention. There is no one sitting next to you chatting in your ear.

Has this election swayed your thinking?

Obviously, there were a lot of things on a deep level that I didn’t agree with in the Trump administration. I’ve traveled a lot, and have become more sensitive to political differences in the country. To change somebody’s mind, you have to understand where they’re coming from.

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