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Feeling Crafty? Make Your Own Wedding Day Look.

  • July 29, 2021

“Most stores have a limited selection of styles and sizing, and if you are limited, that could make you less excited,” Ms Wiese said. “The risk averse can always leave themselves time to buy something. But you’ll never have that emotional connection to what you’re wearing like you would if you had made it.”

The challenge — regardless of one’s sewing skills — is part of the appeal.

“Everyone told me I was insane to make my own dress,” said Sicily Bennett, 45, an integrative health and wellness coach who lives in New Canaan, Conn., with her husband, Jason Bennett, 48. “My husband thought it was a terrible idea. That made me want to do it even more.”

Hoping to prove her fiancé wrong, she hid the fabric and sewing machine in the back of her closet. Ms. Bennett worked on the dress in secret while he was at work.

The process of creating what was supposed to be a simple silk, backless design for their Sept. 24, 2016 wedding in Manhattan, though, was harder than she had anticipated, and so she ended up making her dress twice.

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