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Francesco Risso on Rethinking the Fashion Show

  • September 26, 2021

But I was also thinking about sports this season. It’s not a sporty collection, but I thought about the philosophy of how a team works — how interactive and healthy the relationship is between everyone that is taking part in a match. I wanted to incorporate some of that. And the coach isn’t me. The coach is our heartbeat, bringing us together as one.

Is the pandemic forcing the fashion industry to evolve?

We all complained about how relentless the cycle was before Covid. But for Marni at least, a forced stop has made us slow down and think more about what we do in a focused way. Specifically, how do we nurture relationships with our customers and those who have supported our brands when they suddenly feel so far away, through social media, through film and now when we can potentially be reunited in person. The pivot to digital media has also provoked some really thoughtful creativity in terms of presenting clothes — it will be interesting to see where that goes.

Ultimately, however, when you do what we do, it is hard to deny the importance of touch. And our practice is about making things with our hands. So to unite for a fashion show once again feels like a true joy and privilege.

This conversation, first aired on Instagram Live, has been edited and condensed.

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