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Hello, Brains! A Life Spent Helping Others Understand A.D.H.D. Online

  • February 22, 2021

Celeste Perez, 33, an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, Calif., was diagnosed at 29. Ms. Perez has used the channel to help explain her “A.D.H.D. quirks” to her husband in a way that did not involve boring, text-heavy studies. “I’d spent my life feeling serious anxiety over the smallest things, overthinking words I’d said and feeling enormously upset when things didn’t go perfectly,” she said.

Like many creators, Ms. McCabe now uses Patreon, which helps her amass paying subscribers. With nearly 3,000 subscribers, Patreon said her gross revenue there is $14,551 a month.

But her first donation came from Scot Melville, an engineer in San Francisco, who gave at the top tier of $100 per month, along with a note about how the channel changed his life. “I increased my salary by over $100k per year over the course of four years,” said Mr. Melville, 36. “I credit much of that increase to the skills Jessica has given me through her videos.”

Now instead of donating money, Mr. Melville donates his time as the technology consultant on Ms. McCabe’s team.

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