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Holiday Table Decoration Activity

  • November 22, 2020

This Thanksgiving, whether you’re hosting guests or sharing a meal via Zoom, it’s worth the effort to dress up your table to make the day feel different, special even. Fall leaves are an obvious and lovely decorative element but if yours have withered or blown away, create a few leaves of your own from accordion-folded paper.

Sheets of newspaper, a budget- and earth-friendly material, are thin and therefore easy to fold, and the size will allow you to create oversize leaves. Painting the paper with an acrylic craft paint gives it added strength. Scatter individual leaves down the center of a table or hot glue them to a ribbon to create a garland. After the holiday, fold the leaves closed and pack them up to use again next year.

There’s a fun surprise element to this technique, seeing the leaf shapes you end up with. After you master these basics, create patterns of your own. Test different triangles, squat or tall. Try making a quarter-circle template, smooth or with scallops.

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