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How Kate Pierson, of the B-52’s, and Monica Coleman, Spend Their Sundays

  • August 14, 2020

“I have been in Phase 1 since March,” said Kate Pierson, an original member of the inimitable new-wave band the B-52’s, who has run Kate’s Lazy Meadow, a rustic, funky getaway in Mount Tremper, New York, with her wife, Monica Coleman, an artist, since 2004. (They also have a sister property in Landers, Calif.)

“We took this super-seriously,” Ms. Pierson said of the pandemic. “I haven’t been to a store, I haven’t gone shopping for clothing, which I love to do. Now it’s, ‘What’s FedEx bringing? Oh, it’s some new tool.’”

Ms. Pierson, 72, and Ms. Coleman, 55, met in 2002 at a musical event in Woodstock. A year later they were a couple, marrying in 2015 in Hawaii. They are currently living with their two German shepherds, Athena and Loki, in a three-bedroom home, nicknamed “Mountain Abbey” by Ms. Coleman, about 20 minutes from their property, which is once again open for business — but at half-capacity and only on the weekends.

KIMONOS AND COFFEE Monica Coleman: We wake up with the sun and have to have coffee. We just got a Jura machine, which makes any kind of coffee. We sit on the porch wearing kimonos that Kate got when she did a tour of Japan, drink our coffee and have a business meeting regarding what we’re going to do today. Kate Pierson: If the sun doesn’t wake us, Loki pats one of us on the head with his paw. If I’m up before Monica I bring my binoculars and bird watch on the porch.

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