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How to Make D.I.Y. Crows for Halloween

  • September 27, 2020

With so much macabre folklore and superstition surrounding them, crows and ravens are popular Halloween symbols of spookiness. You can create a flock — or, more accurately, a “murder” (of crows) or an “unkindness” (of ravens) — to decorate your home with just some newspaper, wire, tape and paint.

If you don’t want to work from your mental image of the birds, look for inspiration online — you can even get specific and search for “raven tail” or “crow, side view.” As you shape and tape, let the bird’s form and position reveal itself to you. Depending on the placement of the wire legs, the figure might want to lean forward. Or maybe the head is tilting to the side. Let it peck, or peek. If you cut too much off one area, you can build it back up with tape. There are no mistakes in art or bird-making.

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