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How to Make the Best Paper Planes

  • July 04, 2020

The best things about paper airplanes are that they allow you to be creative and that paper is easily accessible. You can use any type of paper — like this newspaper. That allows you to try lots of things and see what happens — opening the door to creativity and seeing science fly.

Newspaper is most likely the most produced paper product on Earth, but few paper airplanes are made of it. You are about to change that. Together we are combining the world’s most popular paper with the world’s most common paper airplane — the Dart. Follow the folding directions and make a great paper airplane.

There are a few secrets to making a paper airplane that flies well. People tend to focus on the folding pattern and the throw. These two things are important, but what is often overlooked are the fine-tuning adjustments.

Adjustment 1: Bend the back edge of the wing up a little bit; this prevents nose dives. Just pinch the back edge between your fingertips and bend upward to create a small flap. The amount varies plane to plane; you have to watch its flight and bend up more if your plane dives and reduce the amount if it climbs too much.

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