How to Organize Your Home Pantry

By adjusting the space between shelves to fit your cans and containers, she said, “You can really maximize the space that you have.”

If there’s enough room, you might even be able to squeeze in an extra shelf or two. Or you could add a wire cabinet shelf with legs — sometimes called a helper shelf — to create an additional, elevated level on top of an existing shelf.

Ideally, you should avoid stacking products on top of each other. “Once you start stacking stuff, things are immediately hard to get to and teetering on top of each other,” Ms. Hesser said. “Yes, you may feel like you’re packing more into your pantry, but you’re also creating an obstacle.”

When putting products back into the pantry, try to keep the items you use for everyday cooking the most accessible, by positioning them at eye level.

“That’s prime real estate,” Ms. Hord said, and an ideal place for things like oils and vinegars. By comparison, she continued, “Baking can usually live up high,” because most people bake infrequently.

If you have children, consider placing their snacks near the bottom of the pantry, she said, so they can help themselves.

A few carefully chosen accessories can help ensure you’ll never lose anything in the back of the pantry again. Professional organizers often use clear plastic bins or wire baskets that match the depth of pantry shelves.

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