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I’m Jealous of My Friend’s Success. Would Telling Her Help?

  • October 21, 2021

Now, throw in hotels, restaurants, local infection rates — and perhaps, the likely cohorts of adamant anti-vaccine hosts. I can’t make this call for you. But I encourage you to honor your own calculus. If you are reluctant to make the trip in this time of breakthrough infections, decline the invitation politely. It’s just a party!

My wife and I are both on our second marriages. We’ve been married for 23 years. Recently, she showed me her wedding band from her first marriage. I asked her to get rid of it. She refused. She said it’s part of her history. This bothers me: The ring was given to her by another man with whom she exchanged vows and to whom she was married for six years. Your thoughts?


I agree with your wife. The ring symbolizes a chapter in her life that is long finished (and probably ended unhappily). Just because a relationship is over, though, is no reason to pretend it never existed or to expunge every trace. Try to let this go.

Almost every week, the mother of my college roommate sends him a box of baked goods from a fancy bakery. He barely touches them until they’re stale, then he throws them away. Sometimes he offers me one, but usually not. I feel weird asking for one. May I simply take the occasional croissant since I know they’re going to waste?


You may not. It’s called stealing even if it’s made of dough. Overcome the weirdness of asking (which I recommend) or go without.

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