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In Love Thanks to Politics — and Transparency

  • September 21, 2021

Because of the pandemic, the couple purposefully kept their invite list smaller, and organized mostly outdoor activities, which included a wood-fired pizza truck and bar trivia events on Friday, and hiking and river rafting options on Saturday.

Mr. Anand and Ms. Smith were married by Mr. Anand’s cousin, Aneesh Raman, who received his ordination online by the Universal Life Church for the event. The private ceremony included Mr. Anand’s parents and two best friends, along with Ms. Smith’s parents, her three siblings and their partners.

After giving up their apartment in November 2020 to travel during the pandemic, the couple is looking forward to settling down and, according to Mr. Anand, “building a home and family together” in San Francisco, where their offices are.

Ms. Smith said that what excites her most about the future is getting to spend more time with Mr. Anand. “You know how you expect to find those hard edges in someone, where somebody’s got to have a crazy chip on their shoulder, or you find a mean streak?” she said. In the case of Mr. Anand, she’s learned that the deeper she goes, “the softer and kinder it gets.”

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