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Katie Hill is Trying to Move Forward

  • August 08, 2020

Using leftover money from her re-election fund, she recently started a political action committee, HerTime, which is devoted to supporting younger women and women of color.

She is at work on the “Naked Politics” podcast, an interview series she plans to introduce on Anchor later this month, and whose title, she said, is an attempt to “take ownership back.”

And on Aug. 11, she will publish a book, “She Will Rise,” a memoir-meets-manifesto that tells the story of her time in Congress, as well as gives policy recommendations, in an effort to inspire the next generation of leaders to elect more women. It will be released, along with seemingly every other female-centric title, in time for the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

The book skims over a lot of things. It is full of platitudes about shattering glass ceilings, women as “warriors” and what it’s going to take “to claim our rightful seats at every leadership table.” But honestly, you may forgive her for this: The book was written in three weeks. If you think you’ve had a hell of a year, you have not lived Katie Hill’s 2020.

The book begins in the days after the photo leak, which was technically late 2019, when, as she writes, she spent days “curled up in my bed with my mind in the darkest places it’s ever been.” She contemplated suicide.

Back home in California, someone had sent a suspicious powder to her former office, forcing an evacuation. In her hometown, Santa Clarita, there were posters of her Photoshopped in a Nazi uniform with the hashtag #WifenSwappenSS — a reference to an iron cross tattoo on her lower groin that, now that everybody had seen her lower groin, some thought resembled a Nazi symbol. Her father, a police captain, went through town tearing them down. (Ms. Hill said the tattoo, which she got after a sexual assault when she was a teenager, had long since been covered over.)

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