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Let’s Stigmatize the Internet

  • May 03, 2021

No more laptops in coffee shops, or at good bars. Ruin SoHo House or WeWork with them, but nowhere more public than that.

Yes, the internet is a part of our daily lives, inextricably linked from most of the things we do, now. But when not entirely necessary, the internet should be known as the place where work and procrastination get done, and that’s it.

After a year at home, we will have freedoms we didn’t have for the last year.

We’ll gaze into new eyes, sit in public spaces; go to concerts; sweat on one another at gyms. And we’ll do it all without fear, hesitation, or strangeness, or reluctance. We’ll have prolonged silences with one another.

If you’ve got your phone out for any of this, or you’re talking about things that happen exclusively on your phone, let’s agree: You’re in the wrong. Are you out at dinner with others, checking your DMs? Don’t. That concert doesn’t really need to be filmed, does it? Don’t you want to get lost in the rapture of being alive, of dancing on a downbeat?

We can, now! Unplug! Unfurl! Turn off, tune out and drop in: The world of close proximity is soon available to you again. Don’t let the internet drag you out of it.

Foster Kamer is a writer and editor based out of New York, currently the content director of Futurism, He also writes a newsletter called FOSTERTALK.

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