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Like Old Hollywood Movies, Video Games Get a Polish for New Audiences

  • August 01, 2020

Fans have largely been receptive to the reimagined game, and its modern systems have made it accessible to new players, who found the original mechanics difficult.

“I tried the Final Fantasy VII remaster on Xbox; it was a little too far gone for me,” said Preston Bakies, 27, of Findlay, Ohio. “But when the remake came out — I’ve put a lot of time into it. It’s been a lot of fun.”

The original Final Fantasy VII cost $40 million to make, which was considered a high sum for a video game in the ‘90s. Given the technological demands of modern games, costs have grown considerably more expensive, experts say.

“I haven’t come across a single game which took more than $100 million in Japan” to get made, said Atul Goyal, a managing director at investment bank Jefferies Company, who pegged the budget for Final Fantasy VII Remake at up to $140 million.

Others felt it was even higher. “If we assume the number of sales for Final Fantasy VII Remake is six million units, $144 million is the budget,” said Yuhsuke Koyama, a professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo and author of “A History of the Japanese Video Game Industry.”

In a twist, Square Enix has broken Final Fantasy VII Remake into multiple parts, although it would not say how many. There are risks associated with this strategy, including irking fans who have to shell out more money for the other parts of the game.

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