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Looking to Travel for a Sense of Renewal

  • April 14, 2021

In January, about three weeks after Mirba Vega-Simcic lost her mother to Covid-19 — and not long after recovering from the virus herself — she and one of her brothers traveled to what she calls her “happy place”: The Roxbury, a colorful, fantastical resort nestled in the rolling Catskill Mountains.

“There was a meditative aspect to it — looking at the waterfalls and feeling the wind on your cheek and feeling her presence,” said Ms. Vega-Simcic, 44, a certified community work incentive coordinator for The Family Resource Network, of her late mother. “Until that point, I hadn’t had a moment to mourn.”

Although Ms. Vega-Simcic, who lives in Belleville, N.J. and goes by Mimi, has been to The Roxbury at least a dozen times, the January trip, by virtue of its timing — and because she went with her brother — was the most meaningful. The resort’s storybook white cottages, which are individually decorated in themes that range from Greek gods to mythical fairy forests, were more than just a physical change of scenery.

“When I took a bath, I cried and I cried, but I felt this calmness come over me, because when I looked at my surroundings, I wasn’t looking at my home and the chaos of my life,” she said. “I was looking at something really beautiful — something that allowed me to escape.”

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