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My Son Is Being Bullied, and I Don’t Know What to Do

  • June 17, 2021

I commend the bride’s father for trying, even though he failed. He shared important information. And who knows what battle ensued among the bride’s family over this? I’d hate to see you write off a friendship of 30 years over your friends’ stubborn daughter. This is new ground for all of us.

On a dating app, I met a guy who seemed great. After we were both fully vaccinated, he asked me out. And I agreed. The problem: He wants to go to a movie, and I’m not comfortable with indoor theaters yet. (If it helps, I’m in my 30s and don’t have any underlying conditions.) What do you think?


For starters, let me quibble with the choice of a movie for a first date: How are you going to get to know each other better sitting quietly in the dark for two hours? More important, though, is that you go at your own speed.

We’ve all been through a lot during the pandemic, and if it takes you a little longer to get comfortable sitting indoors — even if it’s safe for you — wait. Is this great guy open to compromise?

At the end of a long weekend, we drove our houseguests to the train station. They were running late and asked us to hurry. They didn’t want to miss their train. Cut to: We were stopped by the police for speeding. Who should pay the ticket?


Sorry, Jim! The person behind the wheel is responsible for driving infractions. Your guests may have egged you on, but they didn’t press the accelerator. Let me add, though: Thoughtful guests would have offered to pay the ticket — or at least split it with you — under these circumstances.

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