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One Little Favor Before Their First Date

  • May 04, 2021

“At the time, we were both 25,” Ms. Silverman said. “I just figured that in the worst case, he was looking for a hookup, but in the best case, he was looking to find someone he actually liked, and maybe hoping for a serious relationship.”

A week later, Mr. Leibovitz was hoping to make a dinner reservation at a French restaurant in Washington, Le Diplomate, which happened to be his favorite.

Unfortunately it was Bastille Day, and the restaurant had been booked. But Mr. Leibovitz would not be denied, and leaned once more on his expertise in rhetoric, and talked his way into a table for two. Ms. Silverman said they “sat there and talked for hours about life, love, work and family.”

Before the check came, Mr. Leibovitz knew he had found the woman, and soul mate, he had been looking for his entire life.

“There was absolutely no doubt that she was the one, no doubt,” he said. “She’s so smart and super-bubbly and had the greatest personality, it was easy to open up to her, and that’s why every time we spoke, it was usually for hours.”

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