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One Martini, Ice Cold, With a Blanket and a Scarf

  • January 21, 2021

The drinks menu includes a $3 brodo shot, made of chicken broth, whiskey and sherry; hot versions of classics like the Negroni and Cosmopolitan; and the option to build your own hot cocktail, with an array of spirits, spices and garnishes.

At Hunky Dory. a Brooklyn bar and restaurant that reopens in February after a six-week winter break, each chair has a plastic seat warmer — the kind used to make chickens hatch eggs — that heats up when you sit down. Hand warmers will be sold for $5; for $30, you can buy a blanket. And for $50, the bar will store it in its own cubby, ensuring that the blanket awaits every time you visit.

Après-ski habits have found an urban footing. The Lavaux, a Swiss wine bar that opened in October in the West Village, offers four different fondues, for parties of two to four who are comfortable with sharing food in the pandemic. Additional fondue pots have been marshaled to hold full bottles of vin chaud, hot mulled wine. L’Oursin, a Seattle restaurant and wine bar, is also experimenting with outdoor fondue, piping Alpine music onto its patio to complete the effect.

“The vibe just seemed seasonally appropriate,” said Zac Overman, the beverage director at L’Oursin, “and certainly falls into the comfort-food zone that it seems everyone is craving these days.”

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