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Relationship Podcasts Reveal the Truth About Marriage

  • April 07, 2021

Most of them knew little about creating a podcast before they plunked down a few hundred dollars for equipment and pressed record. The couples typically don’t rehearse or even edit much, which gives their work an off-the-cuff feel (as does the fact that they often record at home, with dogs barking in the background and children barging in).

Randie and Mikey Chapman, who live in Atlanta and have been married for five years, followed through with plans to start a podcast about their relationship in 2018, even though Ms. Chapman had just endured a miscarriage.

“A lot of couples break up after loss,” said Ms. Chapman, 28, who produces and edits their show, “Black Millennial Marriage.” “It was really a project for us to stay together.”

On the fourth episode, recorded a month after the miscarriage, the couple’s grief was palpable. “We literally left the house pregnant and came back home not pregnant,” Ms. Chapman said. She described listening to her husband crying in the kitchen, which, she said, “allowed me to take a step out of my grief to go console him.”

Recording the episode was painful for the couple, but they hope it lifts the veil on a subject often shielded in secrecy and shame. After it aired, Mr. Chapman, 30, said his mother talked to him about her own pregnancy losses — “a conversation,” he noted, “that I never would have had” otherwise.

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