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Shopping for Fruit Bowls

  • June 29, 2020

In an otherwise unpredictable year, summer is beginning to deliver its annual bounty of fruits and vegetables. From fragrant peaches to sculptural squashes, their scents and colors fill the kitchen.

During that brief time before they’re consumed, they can be the visual focus of the room — especially if they’re displayed in a distinctive fruit bowl.

“Instead of a plant or flowers, the fruit acts as this welcoming element,” said Barbara Sallick, a founder and the senior vice president of design at Waterworks and the author of “The Perfect Kitchen.” “It’s sort of like a piece of art.”

Ms. Sallick uses a few different containers to show off fruit and vegetables on her kitchen table in Southport, Conn., including antique delft bowls and steel Krenit bowls with vibrantly enameled interiors, which she changes with the seasons.

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