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Shopping for Multi-Light Pendants

  • August 11, 2020

There’s a new kind of light fixture elbowing its way into territory once dominated by the chandelier. You may have already spotted it, spreading out above dining tables and cascading down stairwells: the multi-light pendant.

Rather than dangling a single cluster of crystal or a circular armature of bulbs, these fixtures suspend light over a large area, with an arrangement that can be customized and sometimes resembles an art installation.

“It’s a nice way to replace the traditional chandelier, and gives the space a different point of view,” said Jessica Wilpon Kamel, a partner at the New York-based design firm Ronen Lev.

Ms. Kamel frequently uses multi-light pendants in her projects. But it’s not always easy. As she cautioned, “There is an art to it.”

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