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Simone Rocha on Being Part of Fashion Week in a Pandemic

  • March 01, 2021

With the children’s wear in particular, it was absolute indulgence and really joyful to go through all my archive and see pieces that I felt would be great for kids. I have a daughter myself, and I wanted to make sure the collection was beautiful but also had a reality running through it.

EP Are the considerations different when you’re doing a more affordably priced line, or for kids, given that your focus is normally on luxury and craftsmanship?

SR Absolutely, and especially with kids. I do a lot of embellishment, and suddenly my focus here was on what kids might swallow and what might fall off. It was a big learning curve, but wonderful to take on a new challenge.

EP When a designer decides to do a collaboration like this, there are tricky issues to navigate around sustainability and accessibility. How do you do that?

SR My business is independent. I have three of my own stores and a relatively small footprint. I don’t have thousands of stores like HM, so it was something I was very conscious of. But I didn’t want to shortchange the customer. I wanted to make sure they were getting something that I was proud of, that could sit alongside and integrate with my Simone Rocha collections.

And honestly, I learned a lot from HM from a sustainability perspective. My own fabrics are woven or done in bespoke batches, and we embroider a lot of them by hand. We really worked hard with their fabrics teams on how we could translate that en masse. They said that out of all their designer collaborations to date, it’s the most sustainable. I’m really proud of that.

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