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Spend Some Time With Your Pandemic Logbooks

  • October 01, 2020

I suggested writing down the facts of your day as a way to remember so when they’re revisited some day in the future, they will offer a close-up picture of your life, unpolished, without editorializing. A low-effort logbook to serve as a detailed record of an extraordinary time.

Many of you sent us your logbook entries, which, taken individually, were perfect specimens of one person’s fleeting experience, quick peeks into a life. When read together, these ordinary moments (“I ate cereal for lunch and only walked about 1,000 feet all day,” “Bought a rake”), while unique to the lives from which they’re captured, share a common context. The pandemic and its effects, seen and unseen, are a filament woven through each of our lives and each of the entries we received. That commonality of setting is rare. We don’t always see so clearly the ways in which we’re connected.

We wanted to give you the experience of flipping through the logbooks of At Home readers, so we gathered a bunch for you to peruse. When I read the entries together, my perspective shifts. My aperture widens. I see more than the squares on my own calendar, the people in my own pod, the pigeons on my sill. I’m connected, for a minute, to you and your new haircut. Your uncle’s funeral. Your yard full of pine needles. Enjoy these excerpts from your pandemic logbooks, and let us know what you think.

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