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The ‘13 Going on 30’ Versace Dress Has Come Full Circle

  • November 28, 2021

To Ms. Nasteski, this was another example of small designers seeing their work, without credit, on the platforms of large e-commerce companies. But it was also more complicated. It was her altered design, but it was also not her original design.

When the cheaper versions of the dress were introduced, “all of a sudden it was everywhere,” Ms. Allen, the actress, said. “I think if you wear it out, and people around you know the movie and know the character, then you get to share this special fun moment. But if they don’t know the dress and the character, then it’s still a great dress.”

Ahead of her 30th birthday on Nov. 11, Ms. Allen reached out to Versace to see if she could borrow the original. But, she said, was kindly informed that the dress had already been committed to someone else. (She later discovered it was Ms. Grande.)

Today, the dress no longer seems dependent on nostalgia for or even familiarity with the film, said Mandy Lee, a trend analyst with a large following on TikTok. She recently reported seeing one in the wild, worn by a shopper at the vintage store Beacon’s Closet, who had styled it with fishnet tights.

“I don’t think it’s really a costume anymore,” Ms. Lee said. “Some Gen Z don’t know the reference, so when they’re looking at it for the first time, they might not have that memory sparked from the movie. It’s no longer the ‘13 Going on 30’ dress. It’s just another cute dress.”

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