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The Glory and Chaos of Street Style Returned to New York

  • September 22, 2021

And among emerging brands, “influencer partnerships have become tighter and more intrinsic,” said Marian Park, a youth strategist at WGSN, a trend forecasting agency. She ascribed that shift to a rising consumer demand for transparency and authenticity.

Such observations would likely be lost on a fashion week crowd that was ebullient — with reservations. Chandler Sterling, a sales assistant at an art gallery, was among the skittish. “We have gone too quickly and without taking time to reflect on what we should have learned in this ongoing crisis,” she said.

Not that her bright yellow flocked floral dress betrayed her concern. “I am feeling exuberant but cautiously exuberant,” she said. “I think that’s the right way to go into this week.”

Len Burton, a casting agent, was also a bit wary. Standing slightly apart from the pack, he drew eyes nonetheless in a pink-and-black striped Kiko Kostadinov sweater. The proceedings this month struck him as orderly if not entirely tame.

“I’m kind of easing my way into the situation, keeping my fantasies alive,” he said. “Still, it’s nice to see a little chaos coming back to New York.”

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