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The Greatest Wedding Reception Dance Songs

  • July 09, 2020

It may be a while before dance floors are packed again. But music remains a priority for couples, even when hosting intimate socially distanced weddings and celebrations in person or via video conferencing apps and platforms. Hiring a D.J. for your reception — even a virtual one — offers several advantages.

A great D.J. will often start planning a mix of songs well before the event. “It’s about creating a soundtrack that highlights their vision,” said Arman Naféei, a Los Angeles-based D.J. whose recent gigs include Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding to Brad Falchuk. “We’ll have a conversation where I’ll ask about vibe and style, their favorite music, and take that all into consideration.”

The ability to adjust a set to the crowd is one of the upsides to hiring a D.J. “You never know how things will flow,” said William Grand, a D.J. based in Manhattan. “I prefer to have my music meticulously organized so I can react rather than sticking to a predetermined script.” Mr. Grand’s clients include the actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Murray, as well fashion brands like Versace and publications like Vogue.

There are tunes, though that always seem to get guests dancing, regardless of demographics. “These songs have stood the test of time,” said Lindsey Caldwell, a D.J. based in Brooklyn who created the mix for the wedding of the actors America Ferrera and Ryan Piers Williams. “They satisfy the tastes of multiple generations of people who don’t all share the same background.”

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