The Man Behind Cuomo’s NY Tough Video

Latest Project: In March, Convicts NYC released “Electric Wave,” an arty four-minute homage to surfing featuring Stephanie Gilmore, a seven-time world surfing champion. The film, which was sponsored by Audi, was filmed at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, an artificial surfing lake in California’s Central Valley.

Next thing: One day after releasing “We are NY Tough,” Mr. Maiden was contacted by the governor’s office and plans to produce more inspirational videos, pro bono. “We want to do one that’s focused on health care and grocery store workers, and others that are out here right now, putting themselves at risk,” he said. “We would like to work with the governor’s office and direct people to resources, and where they can donate.”

But Can He Surf?: “I’m terrible,” Mr. Maiden said. “In the ’90s, when I was growing up going to the beach, boogie boarding was cool. So my dad bought me a boogie board, which is the worst thing he could have done.”

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