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The Most Soothing Man on TikTok

  • July 31, 2020

Even though the rhythm of his clips is familiar, Scott meets them with full presence. In an interview with Buzzfeed last week, he said he doesn’t pre-watch the videos he duets with, so as to preserve the integrity of his reaction.

In an ecosystem as ruthless as TikTok, with creators jockeying for likes, followers, clout and whatever monetary privileges follow those things, Scott’s videos are solely about encouragement, a dollop of pure love. (The only time he’s said “not nice” was to a freestyle by the rapper Smokepurpp that went viral for its awkwardness.)

Scott started posting videos to the app last summer — videos about heartbreak, Frank Ocean, whether he looks like Bronny James. (He doesn’t.) His observational duets began in March, and the catchphrases took hold in June, not long after he graduated from high school. Now he’s got 1.4 million followers, almost all of which he acquired this month, as his wholesome nurturing has rapidly coursed through TikTok.

As happens often in the erratic and limitless world of social media, Scott’s ascent is accelerating rapidly. He’s beginning to generate his own meta-content — other users riff on his “nice,” and in one post, he talks about people alerting him to copycats who lack his “natural flow.”

Still, how much wonder can one young man express? Last week he appeared in a video with the Pump Bros, a Hans Franz of social media who took Scott and a friend for a workout session. After watching Scott work through some triceps kickbacks, one of them, Will Savery, turns to the camera and declares, “The ‘oh nice’ guy is getting swole.” Elsewhere in the video, Savery runs through barbell curls while Scott looks on and exclaims: “Oh, nice. Yeah. Nice.”

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