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Their Second Date Could’ve Been Their Last

  • December 07, 2021

The incipient relationship of Andrew Shoulders and Charles Reese II might have reached an unfortunate end on just their second date had it not been for Mr. Reese’s well-developed listening skills.

“He really pays attention to what people say,” Mr. Shoulders, 40, said.

For their first date, in November 2010, the men met at a wine bar in New York. Three bottles of wine were consumed and the two, both gregarious anyway, chatted for hours. Their second date, a dinner, took place later that month. But when it was interrupted by a call from a friend to Mr. Reese, who is 45 and known as Corey, and he abruptly announced that he had to go, their future suddenly looked bleak.

“The debacle,” Mr. Shoulders said, remembering the event. “I was checking my breath, checking my hair, wondering what the hell happened.”

Mr. Reese didn’t want to leave Mr. Shoulders with the wrong impression, so when he was done helping his friend, he tracked down Mr. Shoulders, showing up at a birthday party that Mr. Shoulders had told Mr. Reese he’d be attending after their dinner together.

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