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They Splurged on Fancy Clothes Before Quarantine. Now What?

  • July 08, 2020

But Ms. Brown refuses to designate the dress for festive events at unspecified future dates. “I’m just going to dress it down and pair it with tennis shoes,” she said.

Then there is Mike Greko, 29, a musician, songwriter and D.J. in New York, whose eclectic style incorporates elements of Nu-disco, rock-edge pop and more.

He already owned a Ziggy Stardust-esque bespoke red sequined performance suit from Ammar Belal Custom Menswear, but back in January he ordered a second, “in gray silver with a teal blue hue when the light hits it,” he said.

It arrived just before the shutdown began. Now he sometimes tries it on, “pretending it’s the good old days.” Otherwise, he said, it’s hanging from a door hook, waiting patiently for when clubs reopen. But why two sequined suits? “They bring me joy,” said Mr. Greko, “and according to Marie Kondo that’s a good thing.”

Ms. Kondo would surely approve the use to which Muriel Favaro, 67, a Parsons School of Design accessories instructor, has put a humongous Comme des Garçons tote bag in a peculiar celery color that she began coveting when she spotted an identical one from last year’s collection on the floor of the Grove Street PATH train station.

An online search resulted in her own huge bag arriving from Italy just days before the shutdown. Her plans to show it off all over town foiled, Ms. Favaro wasted no time turning it into a knitting basket for all the random skeins of yarn that had been laying around her Jersey City apartment.

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