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This $100 Moroccan Trellis Rug Is The New Amazon Coat

  • January 13, 2021

As it turns out, the rug she had shipped across the world has become a staple in many American households, its growth a seemingly organic phenomenon. The design, known most commonly as the “Moroccan Trellis,” comes from Rugs USA, a company headquartered in New York, with distribution centers in New Jersey and California. Loosely inspired by handwoven vintage Berber rugs whose imperfections underscore their folk-art status, it’s available in 10 colors and 34 sizes from various home décor retailers like Wayfair, and Amazon, where it currently has more than 16,000 reviews.

Krishna Gil Marshall of Santa Monica, Calif., said she first noticed the rug when an ad popped up on Instagram. “I follow a lot of dogs, designers and travel accounts, which is probably where the algorithm got me,” said Ms. Gil Marshall, who is also in her early forties. “The funny thing is that I try to not be too cookie cutter with my décor and get unique pieces from Etsy.”

When Sarah Tackett purchased the rug with her boyfriend for their apartment in Brooklyn, she said, “We were aware that we were buying some mass-market version of a nice rug that is common among Instagram influencers but it became a running joke that there are only four rugs in the world, anyway.”

One of those Instagram design curators, Amanda Terry, who goes by the handle @therusticredfox, calls her style “modern farmhouse.” She bought the rug on Amazon in gray because, with two cats, two dogs and two young children she needed something durable that still had personality.

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