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Wait, How Does Everyone Have Bushy Eyebrows?

  • August 01, 2021

Ms. Blackwell emphasized the importance, though, of getting your brows professionally laminated. As is the case with many procedures that begin in a salon, the impulse to D.I.Y. can have serious consequences.

“It’s a chemical, it could degrade the hair to a point where you won’t be able to recover that hair,” she said when discussing at-home lamination kits. “That is worst case scenario if somebody is using it how they shouldn’t be.”

But for many clients, like Ms. Gross and Victoria Palma, 23, who began getting her eyebrows permed in October of last year, lamination became a way to maintain a simple, confidence-boosting beauty routine while spending a lot of at home in 2020.

“We were in quarantine. I was like, ‘Well I’m at home, but I still want to like feel good about myself,’” Ms. Palma said. Once laminated, “you didn’t have to do anything really ever to make your brows look good.”

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