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Want a Divorce? Try Cameo to Break the News

  • January 13, 2021

Unlike Mr. Kleinman or Mr. McGrath, many of the celebrities who joined Cameo during the pandemic are far less reluctant to offer their services for separations.

When Matthew Perry, a star of the TV series “Friends,” signed onto the service in October, he declared his excitement to leave “divorce messages — any kind of messages you guys want.” Likewise, J-L Cauvin, an acclaimed impressionist known for making Cameos in character as Donald Trump, said in an email that he’s “still hoping for a divorce before February,” when Joe Biden will become president. And new additions to the celebrity roster, such as the comedians Daniel Franzese and Ben Brainard, and the drag queen Scarlet Envy, have all expressed their unabashed willingness to initiate divorce proceedings.

Mr. Galanis, who helped start Cameo, said that he never anticipated this particular use for the service. “As a founder, you have an idea of what you want this to be,” he said. But he is quick to clarify that the talent on the platform (which Cameo handpicks to invite) all share one mutual goal: to “make magical moments.”

The divorce and breakup category is a natural extension of this goal, Mr. Galanis said. “The talent wouldn’t do the videos if they felt like they were causing harm,” he said.

Mr. Galanis said that users often express gratitude for the opportunity to share one last highly personal experience of joy, nostalgia, and fandom with their exes. If not for that, he said, the bookings would stop. “I don’t think — at any type of scale — that Cameo has a reputation of being a place of hate, or for putting people down. Frankly, I think if you saw that, then you’d see talent leaving the platform.”

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